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Introducing Ty & Kena's SHRED program—a 6-week journey to elevate your fitness and achieve a sculpted physique. This comprehensive plan not only enhances your physical strength and endurance but also boosts confidence, energy levels, and a positive mindset.

This program is a progressive overload approach with superset training. You will do 1a and 1b together. Then 2a and 2b together and so on. Every week, you'll increase weight and decrease reps to push your muscles and promote growth. Supersets are a fantastic way to build muscle and burn fat while keeping your heart rate up. Your heart rate will be in the fat burn. By incorporating this technique into your workouts, you can achieve dual benefits and optimize your gym time.

After committing to SHRED for six weeks, get ready to witness remarkable transformations both inside and out. Our tailored workouts target key muscle groups so you will notice changes everywhere on your body! This will be challenging but so rewarding. Prepare to unveil your best self!

Included is instructional video links, where you'll have clear guidance on performing each exercise correctly and effectively. SHRED is available in PDF format, allowing you to access it from anywhere and effortlessly track your progress. This is a one time purchase and once purchased you will gain lifetime access! You can revisit whenever you would like!

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