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Introducing Ty and Kena’s 4 week SHRED NEW TO THE GYM program. Whether you're a beginner or returning after a break, this program is tailored to introduce you to the gym environment with confidence. Discover a well-structured plan that guides you through essential exercises, helping you build strength, stamina, and familiarity with gym equipment. Get ready for a positive and transformative experience as you take your first steps toward a healthier and stronger you!

In this beginner-friendly gym program, we'll introduce you to a gradual way of challenging your muscles. Start by pairing exercises like 1a and 1b, then progress to 2a and 2b, and so on. Each week, try slightly increasing the weights while doing fewer repetitions to help your muscles adapt and grow stronger. The beauty of this approach is not just building muscle but also burning fat effectively, keeping your heart rate up. Doing these paired exercises in the gym helps you make the most of your workout time, making it simpler for you to achieve your fitness goals, especially if you're new to this environment.

This beginner-friendly gym program comes with helpful video links, providing clear instructions on how to perform each exercise correctly. The SHRED NEW TO THE GYM guide is conveniently available in PDF format, allowing you to access it from anywhere and easily monitor your progress. It's a one-time purchase, and once you buy it, you get lifetime access! Feel free to revisit the guide whenever you need guidance on your fitness journey at the gym.

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Instant download

Instant and easy access on phone, computer, or tablet.

Lifetime purchae

You will be able to forever access and have SHRED. You can revisit whenever you would like!

Video assistance for every movement

Not sure what an exercise is? No worries, we got you covered! Here is an example of what it will look like. FRONT RAISES

4 weeks of progressive overload

Each week you will be adding 2-5 lbs of weight.

3 workouts per week + 1 optional

Push, Pull, Leg, and an optional Full Body

Workouts are between 45-90 minutes

You don't need to be at the gym for hours to get a good workout in. You just need 45-90 minutes a day, and you'll achieve a stronger, leaner, and more energized version of yourself.